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When you think of big brands out there, chances are they have an identifiable and easily recognizable logo. 

Similarly, if you're establishing a new church logo design, the best way to become more well-known is by having a great logo. Having a visual representation of your church with a unique logo not only improves your identity and local recognition but can help your church grow and succeed in the future.

A church logo is a combination of a symbol, text, or graphic element that promotes the recognition and identification of a church. It is more than just something that looks good—it is intentionally designed to be a key way to show what a church stands for and what its values are. 

A logo is the primary way you visually showcase your church, and it’s an important part of your church marketing efforts. It should include a symbol, a logotype, and potentially a tagline that prompts recognition and piques interest. But how do you create that kind of finished product? It all starts with the basics of design.

Now that you know what a custom church logo can do, let’s talk about how to create a logo style. If you found your way to this article, chances are that you aren’t a graphic designer by trade. So, let’s run through a few basics of the elements of a logo and how you can get started creating one for your Christian church soon.

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Establish Typography

Most logos aren’t standalone items; they tend to be formatted with some form of typographic element. This can range from one single abbreviated letter to initials or even an entire word (but keep it short!). The font of these letters should represent your church visually. 

Fonts that are a part of the sans serif family tend to come off as more industrial, masculine, and robust. While script fonts, serif fonts, and lighter types tend to give off a more friendly, approachable, and feminine feel. Pick the direction your church brand is more in line with and go from there.

Pick a Color Palette

Similar to typography, colors can vary depending on the brand style and can be a great way to give off personal flair. Different hues have different meanings. 

For example, blues and greens are cooler colors and tend to be used more in environments like technology and science. Whereas reds and yellows are warmer colors and are used in more healthcare and education environments. 

One key way to ensure your logo looks next-level is to use complementary colors rather than a lot of similar colors, as that tends to wash out and compromise the look of a logo. 

Choose or create a symbol

Once you have typography and colors established, you’ll want to create the pinnacle of your brand—the symbol. It can be a letter, a mascot, or something else altogether. But no matter what you choose, it should have a meaning or symbolize something bigger than just the church itself. 

For example, an owl symbol represents wisdom and intelligence. A shamrock is a symbol of luck and happiness. Choose something that means something to your church and build upon it to make it more ownable. Some religious symbols that you could use include a cross logo, a fish, a dove, or a Bible.

With the rudimentary elements of graphic design covered, let’s look at some more things to consider as you work to create a church logo. Take a look at these examples of church logos or the best church logos as you do so to get inspiration.

Context is Everything

Make sure you think of the context of your logo when you’re designing it, and about each church marketing strategy or material you’ll use it in. For example, if the sign for your church building is a circular shape, it wouldn’t be the best idea to create a rectangular logo. 

Think of your logo and the space around it as something that should be able to be used in multiple different shapes and sizes, so you don’t have to distort it in order for it to fit on certain items like business cards or on social media. Also, make sure that the logo has adequate space to include your church name and other important elements.

Make It Move

There’s nothing worse than a flat and lifeless logo. So in order to instill excitement and curiosity in a brand, it is important to give your logo a sense of movement. This could be done by repeating a design element a few times. 

Another way to do this is by using a design element that is mid-movement, like waves, wind, or arrows. You can also use lines to evoke a feeling of motion by creating vectors that guide the viewers’ eyes forward while still remaining minimalist. 

Watch Out for Competitors

Try not to replicate a logo that looks very similar to other churches in your area. Not only does it come off as bad taste, but it can also make it harder for audiences to differentiate your church from another. Stick to something unique and ownable, just like your church itself. 

Start Designing Your Logo 

Now that you’ve gotten a rundown on the basics of graphic design, you’ll want to get started on the logo design process! If you have a big budget for your logo, lucky you! 

You can consider hiring a local designer to make you one. But if your budget is tighter, there are plenty of ways you can still make the perfect logo.

One way to do it is by sourcing denomination members who are graphic designers or who are interested in graphic design. They could potentially create a logo pro bono or at a lower rate, saving you money while still delivering a high-quality, great church logo.

If you’re looking to create a polished logo without breaking the bank, consider a free church logo maker like Canva. They have templates and formats that can help you get started as soon as today. If you want to go into more detail, you can also download and do a tutorial on Adobe Illustrator or a similar platform. That can help you learn some skills to help you understand the ins and outs of logo design.

Ashley Vaughan
By Ashley Vaughan

Since she began leading worship at the age of 15, Ashley has always been passionate about supporting the local church and leading others into worship. For the past 10 years she has been leading worship teams and finds much joy and fulfillment in empowering and raising up other leaders. Ashley is a song writer with Worship Central Canada and has had the incredible opportunity to travel and lead worship, while collaborating with other worship leaders.