About The Lead Pastor

The Lead Pastor is a community for pastors, church planters and anyone with a passion for building better churches.

We in the process of launching a podcast, community forum, and collection of articles to help lead pastors innovate and become better leaders of churches.

Whether you’re already leading a church as a lead pastor, or you’re just starting out as a church planter, this is a place to connect with your church leadership tribe; to be inspired, equipped and to connect with those who are shaping the future of church.

We weigh in on the hottest topics in:

Allow this to be a community to learn, grow and contribute with other like minded individuals who are all tackling the same question: what makes a better church?

Our Vision For The Lead Pastor

Better Churches. 

And that’s why we’re here: To see the great commission fulfilled. We are an independent church leadership blog that offers practical and authentic insights in the world of church and leadership. We will be your go-to for church done right: featuring best practices, tips, strategies and lessons learned for building churches that build, revive, restore and transform the world for the Kingdom of God. 

The Lead Pastor was founded in 2020, by Ben Aston founder of Black & White Zebra.

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We work strategically with our advertisers to ensure that their activities achieve maximum reach and impact through a rich variety of promotional packages—all of which can be tailored to your specific campaign objectives .

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Want To Contribute?

We welcome editorial contributions for consideration. Pitches, synopses and speculative articles can be sent to the Editor – [email protected].