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There are so many different church membership tools on the market; choosing the best option for your church is a daunting task for any lead pastor.

The benefits of a great choice are clear, though. The right solution will allow you to

  • keep-up-to-date with who is in your congregation
  • send church-wide communication
  • organize events
  • set up fundraisers
  • provide learning materials to churchgoers

I can help; In this post I’ll unpack the ‘need to know ‘ about church membership software, filtered from my decades of church leadership experience. My team and I invested an enormous amount of time in energy in curating this list. I trust you find it helpful as you seek to lead and steward your church.

Why Trust Our Church Membership Software Reviews

I’ve worked for several churches of various sizes over my career, in a variety of leadership positions. Today, I serve as a lay pastor for a growing church. All that to say: I know firsthand the import role that a robust, flexible administrative support structure plays in the growth and development of a healthy church.

And, honestly, my team and I have been testing and reviewing church membership software since 2019. As pastors and church leaders ourselves, we know how critical (and difficult!) it is to make a sound decision when selecting software. To that end, we invest in deep research to help pastors and church leaders make better software purchasing decisions.

We’ve tested more than 2,000 tools for different church use cases and written over 1,000 comprehensive software reviews. Learn how we stay transparent and about our church membership software review methodology.

The 10 Best Church Membership Software Solutions Summary

Tools Price
ChMeetings From $12/month
ChurchSuite From $15.50/month/account
DonorPerfect From $99/month for up to 1,000 records
Sunergo No price details
Neon Membership From $99/month
Planning Center From $14/month/up to 75 group members
Churchteams No price details
ACS Realm No price details
Hivebrite Custom pricing upon request
Church Windows from $279/month
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Compare Software Specs Side by Side

Use our comparison chart to review and evaluate software specs side-by-side.

Compare Software

How to Choose Church Membership Software

Of course, every pastor’s decision making process will be a little different. That being said, as you and your team work through your church's unique process, I recommend keeping a few points in mind:

  • Scalability: church membership software should expand with your congregation. As your church grows, your needs will change; your membership software must be capable of accommodating a larger number of profiles, more complex data, and increased interactions-without losing performance. I recommend you look for options that offer tiered services, or modular capabilities so you can start small, then add features as your needs evolve. For example, a small church might start with basic database management, but later require more sophisticated tools like event planning and communication modules.
  • User Friendliness: church membership software should be as simple and intuitive as possible, as the volunteers who will be using it will have varying degrees of technical understanding. The easier it is for users to enter data, update information, and generate reports, the better. Check for software that offers a clean interface and straightforward functionality, complemented by strong customer support and training resources. This reduces required training time and increases the likelihood that software will be adopted by as many of your volunteers as possible. 
  • Integration Capabilities: seamless integration with other tools your church already uses (accounting software, email marketing platforms, social media, etc) is a big plus. This prevents ‘data silos’ and allows for more accurate record-keeping, and increased engagement with your church community. For example, when a new member joins, their information could automatically sync across all platforms, thereby simplifying communication and administrative tasks.
  • Data Security and Compliance: this is imperative, especially considering that church membership software handles sensitive personal information. Your choice should comply with data protection regulations (GDPR, CCPA, depending on your location.) Look for features like secure data encryption, regular backups, and robust access controls. These features help protect against data breaches and ensure that member information is handled with stewardship and responsibility.

Overviews Of The 10 Best Church Membership Software Solutions

Here’s a brief description of each church membership app to showcase each tool’s best use case, some noteworthy features, and screenshots to give a snapshot of the user interface.

Bring individuals online with a member portal

  • Free version available
  • From $12/month
Visit Website
Rating: 5/5

ChMeetings is a user-friendly and affordable church management software that simplifies church administration by organizing members, events, and donations, tracking and scheduling volunteers, and facilitating accounting processes.

The software offers a comprehensive people directory where you can centralize information, create groups, and communicate in one place. This feature also includes custom fields, mapping of addresses, country profiles, bulk profile updates, and automatic grade level updates for those who are still in school.

Additionally, ChMeetings encourages engagement online with a member portal that provides access to the platform. This space allows individuals to manage their own profiles, access events, receive notifications, and more.

Create contact groups and communicate with them without leaving the app

  • 30-day free trial
  • From $15.50/month/account

ChurchSuite is a contact management software that was designed to help church leaders of both small and large churches create detailed contact lists of worshipers. The tool has a clean interface that’s easy to navigate and offers a great variety of helpful functionalities.

This solution makes it easy to communicate with your community. You can contact churchgoers directly from the tool’s address book, eliminating the need for an external communication tool. In addition, the Small Groups feature enables you to segment church members into multiple categories and communicate with one or multiple groups at once.

ChurchSuite also produces helpful reports that enable you to determine how your church is doing and plan ahead.

Keep accurate records of volunteers and send automated emails for events

  • From $99/month for up to 1,000 records

DonorPerfect is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform designed for non-profits that’s suitable for any religious organization. The software helps you manage contacts, send emails and other communications, organize fundraising events, and manage donations.

This solution helps you build a contact database that’s rich in data and includes personal details as well as a history of giving and donations. The tool’s automation features help you send out scheduled emails to let your congregation know about events, volunteer schedules, or Sunday school.

DonorPerfect integrates with accounting solutions such as QuickBooks.

Stay in touch with your members with the help of custom reminders

  • Free demo available upon request

Sunergo is an all-in-one church management system with strong church members management features. The platform helps you create a central location for all your staff and attendees’ profiles, so you can collect information and find it when needed.

This solution helps you track your congregation’s attendance and event participation, and it sends you custom reminders for birthdays, anniversary dates, or specific achievements.

One of the nice things about this platform is that it enables you to monitor individual or household attendance trends, helping you plan your church events accordingly.

Increase member engagement with automated workflows

  • From $99/month

Neon Membership is a membership management software that’s suitable for church administration. The solution helps you organize your contacts and leverages intelligent marketing tools to help you plan events, deliver personalized communications, and manage donations.

This platform’s automation features can help you develop personalized workflows to save time and increase membership engagement. You can create automated sequences to greet new members via email or to invite regular attendees to fundraisers or events.

Neon Membership integrates with popular accounting software, such as QuickBooks.

Make your church attendees’ profiles as detailed as you want with custom fields

  • 30-day free trial
  • From $14/month/up to 75 group members

Planning Center is a service planning and scheduling platform with good membership management capabilities. The platform is easy to use, and both its desktop and mobile versions have nice interfaces that are friendly to people who are not tech-savvy.

This software’s contact database allows you to create custom fields for every profile you create. This helps you keep track of your attendees’ baptism dates, completed classes, or gift assessments, making it easier to build meaningful relationships with them.

Planning Center keeps accurate records of the activity of your members and their communication, and you can use the platform to search for information when needed.

Oversee the activity of your attendees with the help of detailed reports

Churchteams is a church membership software that’s optimized for mobile devices. The platform enables community leaders to create in-depth contact databases that include everyone’s information, family structure, church involvement, and attendance over time.

This solution makes it easy to coordinate your staff, attendees, and volunteers. Everyone can text a local number to contact your church for everything they need, from information about church service to registration or giving for church events.

One of the things that make this solution stand out is its reporting dashboard. This dashboard helps pastors and staff members discover how their church is doing by comparing year-to-year giving, year-to-date (YTD) giving by method, year-to-year worship, and attendance.

Engage your congregation members from a single location

Realm is an online church management solution that can help you build an engaged community. The platform creates a directory for all your contacts, and you can segment your church members based on different criteria. Realm also creates a central location for all your communications, so you can easily track different conversations.

The software allows you to create multiple users with different permissions, so church leaders can ensure that staff members don’t stumble upon private information when operating the tool. Even though this tool is cloud-based, it stores contact information on your device, so you can access your attendees’ profiles when you’re not online.

One of the good things about this platform is that it helps with online giving. The friendly interface makes it easy for your congregation to make a digital donation when they cannot attend service.

Use automation and personalized messaging to invite your congregation to service

  • Free demo
  • Custom pricing upon request

Hivebrite is a popular community management solution that’s popular with non-profit organizations. The platform's features and simple interface make it perfect for church and community leaders.

This solution helps you engage with your congregation with personalized messaging so you can prevent them from lapsing. The tool’s analytics features are top-notch and help you identify which members of your community are active and engaged, and which could benefit from your support.

Hivebrite’s communication features enable you to send the right emails to the right churchgoers. You can set up email campaigns and use dynamic filters to customize your audience for each message. You can also create automated weekly email campaigns to invite your congregation to service.

Hivebrite integrates with multiple tools, including social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

Keep track of congregation members and run payroll with a single solution

  • You can access a demo and request a free trial.
  • from $279/month

Church Windows is a flexible church management software that helps you keep track of attendees’ records. The solution enables you to organize your staff and volunteer schedules, and also enables you to track donations and run payroll.

This solution offers comprehensive documentation. If you encounter any problems when using it, you can also contact support via phone or email and consult with an expert.

One of the nice things about this platform is that it creates a trail for every action your contacts make. You can easily track attendance, event participation, and donations.

Additional Church Membership Software Options

In addition to the top 10 above, my team and I recommend checking out these additional options:

  1. ChurchTrac

    Text or email your contacts directly from the app

  2. MembershipWorks

    Complete church solution that allows you to reach out to your congregation and create job boards.

  3. PowerChurch Plus

    Church management platform that helps you keep all your church’s information in one place.

  4. SimpleChurch CRM

    Church management software that helps you reach out to members.

  5. Wild Apricot

    Membership management software that helps you create contact lists and plan events.

  6. FaithLife

    All-in-one church software that helps you automate tedious tasks and facilitate online giving.

  7. One Church Software

    All-in-one church management solution that helps you keep accurate records of your staff, volunteers, and members.

  8. Member Clicks

    Membership management platform that enables you to keep in touch with your attendees and share lectures.


    Giving platform that makes it easy for your community to donate.

  10. Fellowship One

    Church management platform that helps with payment systems, payroll, and accounting.

  11. MinistryPlatform

    Customizable church software that helps you interact with your community online.

  12. ShelbyNext

    Church members management solution that helps you nurture relationships with mass emails and online interactions.

Our Church Membership Software Selection Criteria

Each of the tools on this list was chosen to meet the broad range of church needs. As my team and I approached this article, we took enormous care to thoroughly analyze the general functionality, and the specific use cases of each of the church membership software options. More specifically, we looked for utilities that were most relevant to the unique daily operations and strategic goals that drive churches. 

Here’s a breakdown of exactly HOW we evaluate and score the various softwares on this list: 

Core Church Membership Software Functionality: 25% of total weighting score

Common features for church membership software are: member management, donation tracking, event planning, volunteer coordination, financial reporting, communication tools, attendance tracking, mobile access, data security, and customizable fields. Each of the software options included in this list had to fulfill the following common use cases:

  • Member Directory Management: Keeping an updated and searchable list of all church members.
  • Donation and Pledge Tracking: Monitoring financial contributions efficiently.
  • Event Scheduling and Management: Organizing church events with ease.
  • Volunteer Coordination: Assigning roles and scheduling volunteers for church activities.
  • Communications: Sending out newsletters, emails, and texts to keep the congregation informed.

Additional Standout Features: 25% of total weighting score

  • Innovative Reporting Features: software should offer advanced analytics and customized reporting to understand membership trends and financial health.
  • Social Media Integration: software should provide seamless integration with social media platforms to enhance engagement and reach.
  • Advanced Security Features: Software solutions must offer top-tier data protection measures to safeguard member information.
  • Multi-site Management: Software should efficiently manage data across multiple church locations.
  • Language Support: Software options should offer multilingual support to cater to diverse congregations.

Usability: 10% of total weighting score

  • Intuitive Interface: Each platform should include a clean, user-friendly interface that simplifies complex tasks.
  • Mobile Optimization: Software should be fully functional on mobile devices, ensuring accessibility on the go.
  • Drag-and-Drop Functionality: Do the tools incorporate drag-and-drop editing for scheduling and management tasks?

Onboarding: 10% of total weighting score

  • Comprehensive Training Materials: How comprehensive is their training and support materials (videos and documents)?
  • Interactive Product Tours: Do they provide interactive tours within the platform to guide new users through key feature?
  • Responsive Customer Onboarding Support: How quick and helpful is the support during the initial setup and ongoing use of the platform?

Customer Support: 10% of total weighting score

  • 24/7 Support Availability: Is support accessible anytime? This is crucial for resolving urgent issues.
  • Multiple Channels of Support: Is support available through various channels like live chat, phone, and email.
  • Proactive Problem Solving: Does the support team not only respond to issues but also proactively work to improve user experience?

Value For Money: 10% of total weighting score

  • Transparent Pricing: Are there clear and straightforward pricing structures without hidden fees?
  • Flexible Plans: Are there different pricing tiers that match the size and budget of different churche?
  • Cost Efficiency: Does the pricing reflects the quality and range of features offered?

Customer Reviews: 10% of total weighting score

  • User Satisfaction: High user satisfaction ratings indicating that the platform meets or exceeds user expectations.
  • Testimonials: Positive feedback from current users, emphasizing the software’s reliability and efficiency.
  • Consistency in Reviews: Consistency in positive reviews across different users and church types.

To my team and I, software effectiveness is critical. I want to do as much as possible to  ensure that the church membership management tools we recommend are excellent. We expect that they meet standard requirements but also offer additional value. After all - we are working to transform our communities with the Grace of God… we need tools that allow us to do that more effectively.

As we progress through 2024, church membership software continues to undergo significant transformations. Modern church communities especially feel the need for more efficient, integrated, and user-friendly solutions. There are a handful of trends worth keeping an eye on:

  • Enhanced Integration Capabilities: Modern church membership software is increasingly integrated with social media, financial management tools, and email marketing services. I expect that this trend is driven by a need to streamline administrative tasks and ensure that all church operations can be managed through a unified cohesive system, thereby improving efficiency and reducing the likelihood of data errors.
  • Advanced Data Analytics: There is a significant push towards incorporating sophisticated analytics and reporting features. This provides access to deeper insights into membership dynamics, donation patterns, and event attendance - giving you and your leadership a wide base of knowledge for making wise decisions.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Church membership software developers are prioritizing mobile optimization (ie: apps, responsive web design, etc) to ensure. This includes the development of mobile apps and responsive web designs that ensure members and staff can access the software from anywhere, enhancing communication and participation within the church community.
  • Customization and Personalization: As churches vary greatly in their needs and operations, software that offers extensive customization and personalization features is becoming more popular. This trend caters to the need for software that can adapt to specific church workflows, member management styles, and communication strategies, providing a more tailored user experience.
  • Security Enhancements:Given the sensitive nature of the data handled by church membership software, there is an ongoing emphasis on improving security measures. This includes advanced encryption techniques, regular security audits, and compliance with global data protection regulations, ensuring that member information is safeguarded against potential threats.

Cutting-Edge Advancements:

  • Some of the most innovative features include virtual reality (VR) environments for remote church services and AI-driven predictive analytics to forecast membership changes and financial contributions. These cutting-edge features are designed to cater to the growing interest in digital-first congregational experiences and data-driven church management strategies.

In Decline: Importance of On-Premise Solutions:

  • The demand for traditional on-premise church membership software is diminishing in favor of cloud-based solutions. The shift towards the cloud reflects a broader trend of digital transformation in church management, driven by the need for cost efficiency, better scalability, and improved accessibility.

These trends and features underscore the evolving nature of church membership software in 2024, reflecting a move towards more interconnected, data-informed, and user-centric solutions. This evolution is not just about keeping up with technology but is deeply rooted in addressing the unique challenges and opportunities faced by churches today, ensuring they can thrive in an increasingly digital world.

What is Church Membership Software?

Simply stated, church membership software is a category of software that assists lead pastors and church leaders in managing church operations. This can look like a variety of things, including member databases, communication tools, event scheduling, and financial tracking/reporting.

This type of software helps pastors and church leaders save time and energy by automating administrative tasks. It can also streamline processes such as member registration, attendance tracking, and donation management, allowing church staff to allocate more time to pastoral care and community outreach. Furthermore, church membership software enhances communication efficiency through integrated tools like email newsletters and SMS, ensuring that information reaches all members promptly and reliably.

By leveraging church membership software, you can spend less time and energy on administrative tasks, and more time and energy doing the work of the ministry.

Church Membership Key Features

Church membership software can significantly improve the ways we manage and engage our church community. It can streamline administrative tasks, while contributing to the vibrant, well connected community we want to see in our churches. With that in mind, here’s a breakdown of the key features church membership software should offer in order to deliver on those promises:

  • Comprehensive Member Profiles: This feature allows for detailed record-keeping of each member's information. It's crucial for personalizing communication and understanding the demographics of our community.
  • Event Management Tools: Event management tools help organize and promote church events. They are vital for increasing participation and ensuring events cater effectively to your church congregation’s interests.
  • Volunteer Management: scheduling and communicating with volunteers is a fundamental aspect of effective software. It plays a key role in maximizing engagement and ensuring events and services run smoothly.
  • Communication Channels: Features like email, text messaging, and social media integration are necessary for maintaining an open line of communication with members. With these in place, it’s far simpler to keep the congregation informed and engaged with church activities.
  • Donation Management Structure: You should be able to facilitate the tracking and reporting of financial contribution from your members. This helps with keeping a close on your financial health and transparency.
  • Attendance Tracking: Tracking attendance at services and events provides insights into member participation. This feature is important for tailoring outreach and identifying areas where community involvement may need encouragement.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Robust reporting tools help measure the effectiveness of church programs and outreach efforts. They are critical for making informed decisions around investment, engagement, and community.
  • Mobile Compatibility: the software should be  accessible on mobile devices; members and staff should be able to interact with the church’s systems from anywhere. Our culture is mobile-first. Be sure your software reflects that.
  • Data Security Measures: Strong security protocols protect sensitive member information. They are crucial for maintaining trust and compliance with data protection laws.
  • Customizable Features: The ability to customize aspects of the software meets the unique needs of our church. This flexibility is important for adapting the tools to better serve our community.

Selecting the right church membership software is a strategic decision. Good software supports and elevates your efforts to manage church operations and member engagement. Each of the above features contributes to the big picture mission of your church.

The right software will release you to focus on the spiritual growth of your community. By choosing a platform that aligns with these critical features, we set ourselves up for success in nurturing a thriving church community.

Benefits of Church Membership Software

As you contemplate the adoption of church membership technology, its helpful to layout its primary benefits:

  • Simplified, Streamlined, Efficient Communication: This software facilitates easier and more effective communication with the congregation. By using the system, your leaders can send targeted emails, newsletters, and alerts to your community. No members get left behind our left out.
  • Effective Administrative Management: Church membership software significantly reduces the workload related to administrative tasks. It automates processes like attendance tracking, record keeping, and scheduling, allowing church staff to focus more on ministry and less on paperwork.
  • Financial Clarity and Transparency: With integrated financial tools, the software provides detailed tracking of donations and tithes. This transparency helps in managing church finances more effectively, ensuring accountability and supporting clear financial planning.
  • Member Engagement Tracking: The software enables detailed monitoring of member participation in church events and programs. This feature allows pastors to identify and reach out to less active members, fostering a more inclusive and engaged community.
  • Data Security and Compliance: Advanced security measures protect sensitive member information and ensure compliance with data protection laws. This reassurance allows pastors to maintain a high level of trust with their congregation, knowing that their personal information is secure.

The adoption of church membership software offers significant advantages for managing church operations efficiently while nurturing a strong, connected community. By leveraging these tools, pastors can enhance their administrative capabilities, engage more deeply with their congregation, and safeguard vital church data, all of which contribute to a thriving church environment.

Costs and Pricing for Church Membership Software

Church membership software plans are typically structured to accommodate the size and specific needs of different congregations, ranging from small community churches to large multi-site organizations. There are some commonalities across the various options you have. Here’s a breakdown of the typical plan options you might encounter.

Each plan comes with a set of features designed to meet the varying demands of different church sizes and operational complexities. The free plan usually offers essential tools sufficient for very small or new churches but with limitations in support and features. The Basic and Standard plans cater to small-to-medium churches, providing a good balance of functionality and cost. Premium plans are suited for larger churches needing advanced features and higher levels of customization and support, while Enterprise plans are typically customized to fit the unique needs of very large or complex church organizations

Plan TypeAverage PriceCommon Features
Free$0Basic member management, limited reporting, email support
Basic$10-$25 per monthMember management, event scheduling, basic financial tools, email support
Standard$25-$50 per monthEnhanced reporting, email campaigns, financial management, phone support
Premium$50-$100 per monthAdvanced analytics, multi-user access, custom integrations, priority support
EnterpriseCustom pricingCustom features, full integration capabilities, dedicated support, training sessions
Most plans and pricing options for the various types of church membership software will fall into one of these general categories.

As you consider these options, think about the current and future needs of your church. Opt for a plan that not only fits your budget but also provides the necessary tools to support effective church management and growth. Flexibility to upgrade as your church expands is also an important factor.

Frequently Asked Questions: Church Membership Software

Additional Helpful Church Software

Church membership software is just one aspect of the various solutions that a well-run church employs:

Final Thoughts:

How you manage your church matters to Jesus. But remember - your Father is not up on the porch waiting for you to make a mistake so He can punish you. No. He's working the fields shoulder to shoulder with you. He wants to show you the family secrets, ways to do things better, with more joy and peace. He wants to help you lead your church (His flock) with grace and kindness and effectivenes.

Trust Him above all.

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By Joshua Gordon

Joshua Gordon is a lay-pastor, author, and editor of Over the last two decades, Josh has worked closely with pastors and other christian leaders, helping them to sharpen and elevate their messages. Today, Joshua pastors at New Life Fellowship, a thriving church he helped plant in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.