The Lead Pastor Community

An exclusive community for people leading churches.

The Lead Pastor Community is a community for people leading churches.

Join our community to develop and share best practice, fresh ideas, celebrating best practice and catalyzing innovation in the local church.

We’re serving, leading and shaping the future of church.

What to expect:

Lead Pastors

Connect with fellow leaders of churches across a rich variety of cities, countries and backgrounds.

Mastermind Placement

Join an online mastermind to be matched in a group of fellow lead pastors with complementary goals and experience.

Online Forum

Get access to a private, moderated forum with other lead pastors. to share insights, learnings, and support one another.

Things we discuss:

  • Vision, mission, strategy & culture
  • Leadership development
  • Discipleship
  • Team building
  • Communication
  • Conflict and criticism

Who’s The Lead Pastor Community for?

A Lead Pastor is:

  • Someone leading a church
  • Passionate about knowing Jesus, and making him known

We’re not for you if you:

  • Haven’t yet lead a church
  • Are not a lead pastor (or equivalent)

How to join:

The Lead Pastor Community is a private, paid membership for experienced Lead Pastors. We have an experience requirement in order to ensure that when you join, you’re surrounded by other established Lead Pastors.

For the first 50 founding members, membership is free.

The application process:

Complete the application form – Our application process is designed to ensure the Lead Pastor Community is the right fit for you, and you for us.

Schedule a call – If you seem like a good match, we’ll invite you schedule a call that helps ensure that once you’re in, you’re surrounded by others growing churches.

Hear Back From Our Application Committee – After the call, you’ll hear back from us within 24 hours with a final confirmation, and if successful, we’ll get you all set up.