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The best church logos are the ones that grab your attention, but also don’t look distinctly Christian right away. That might seem controversial, but you have to take into account how you’re marketing your church. The best church logos are meant to communicate your church values, be easily associated with your church, and add value to your church branding.

Any Christian church needs to have a logo—if you don’t yet, here are 10 of the best church logos, what makes them so effective, and how you can implement similar designs or concepts for your church logo. 

10 Best Church Logos

While anyone can hop on a free logo maker and create something passable in a matter of minutes, it takes a lot of design, branding, and marketing knowledge to design something that is intentional and effective. Many of these examples have been created by graphic design professionals working to create a church brand identity.

On this list, you’ll see logo designs from all walks of Christianity, pulling from a variety of denominations, theologies, and philosophies. If you find yourself looking at a cross logo that rubs you the wrong way, then it has probably done its job in communicating a core belief uniquely.  Keep this in mind as we work through these church brands and as I explain how each logo checks a box in church marketing, design, and church communication

Find out more about how to create a church logo here.

1. Most Precious Blood Catholic Church

Most Precious Blood Catholic Church's logo (source).

The logo for Most Precious Blood Catholic Church is on this list for a few reasons:

  • It stands out from many other Catholic church logos, setting them apart immediately from other Catholic churches in their area.
  • It incorporates a lot of colors that mesh with their brand identity well and pop on their website.
  • It does a great job of communicating their emphasis on the blood of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist, a theological point that can be confusing for those not in the Catholic faith.

2. Trinity Presbyterian Church

Trinity Presbyterian Church Logo
Trinity Presbyterian Church's logo (source).

This logo idea from Trinity Presbyterian Church is one of the best church logos because it is minimalist in design and is a more modern logo with solid roots. 

For these reasons:

  • It stands out from other churches due to the intricate shapes easily catching someone’s eye while also not immediately turning away someone who might not see this logo as belonging to a church (for good or bad).
  • It manages to incorporate a cross in a simple way while also having a brand kit of different colors and styles to match the design medium (web design, business cards, etc.).
  • It communicates growth, new life, and a stained glass feel with a modern twist merging together traditional values with more modern influences.
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3. Life Church

life church Logo
Life.Church's logo (source).

Life.Church is one of the most well-known churches in North America, and their attempt at a Christian logo design is one of the best out there for a couple of solid reasons:

  • It is a sleek logo that works with or without their name, creating a strong brand recognition.
  • It is simple and effective, easy to doodle and even easier to create merchandise with.
  • It clearly communicates the core of Life.Church, living life together, with the two symbols making up the “L” and the “C” clearly being in such close proximity, sharing space and sharing life.

4. Grace United Methodist Church

grace united methodist church Logo
Grace United Methodist Church's logo (source).

United Methodist churches are often locked into a logo granted by the denomination, which is great for a church brand recognition. However, Grace United Methodist Church have slightly adapted this and it has made it to my best church logos list because:

  • It sets itself apart from other United Methodist Churches, while still maintaining much of the brand recognition that comes with the logos from the UMC logo design.
  • It is simply beautiful to look at with the flowing typography and the subtle re-interpretation of the UMC logo.
  • This could be said of all UMC logos, but this logo does a great job of communicating the important fire stirred up in John Wesley, ignited by Christ, and the passion that comes along with this shared history.

5. Christian Community Church

christian community church logo
Christian Community Church's logo (source).

I may be biased because I go to this church personally, but Christian Community Church has one of the best church logos due to:

  • The simplicity of the design makes it very marketable, easy to include as stickers, temporary tattoos, hats, t-shirts, etc.
  • The design itself is clever because of the 3 C’s that are within it along with the cross, all while maintaining a circular shape.
  • The way it communicates the closeness of the community of the church itself and the emphasis placed on keeping Christ at the center of all of those relationships.

6. One City Church

one city church Logo
One City Church's logo (source).

One City Church takes a modern approach with their design and here is why this logo works so well:

  • It is simple to use in the church name on documents while also working as an individual image to represent their church brand.
  • It has multiple forms listed on their church website to go with whatever particular brand style fits the situation (church bulletins, social media, etc.) while having a uniform look across all logos.
  • It is made up of their city skyline, which connects with the identity of their church being dedicated to serving their city.

7. Cove City Church

cove city church Logo
Cover City Church's logo (source).

Cove City Church has a great, simple modern logo that makes it onto this list of best church logos because:

  • It is simultaneously simple and easy to recognize, it draws attention without becoming an eye sore.
  • It uses a simple font that is attractive and engaging while playing with some fun and unusual colors that match the quirkiness of the part of the city it calls home.
  • It clearly communicates a sense of play and light-heartedness that matches the energy and efforts of the church.

8. Pilar Igreja

Pilar Igreja logo
Pilar Igreja's logo (source).

This is the first non-English speaking church on our list of best church logos, and this logo is incredible because:

  • It is a striking logo that is also incredibly simple, easy to write, simple to doodle, and is instantly recognizable.
  • In terms of design, it communicates the idea of the church as a pillar of society, especially with the subtle inclusion of the “P” doubling as a cross.
  • It communicates a modern church deeply rooted in core beliefs that will hold up their faith and their community through the ideals of Christ.

9. Free Church

Free Church logo
Free Church's logo (source).

Free Church, located in Salem, Oregon, has one of the best logos for their church brand identity and has made it on this list of best church logos for a few good reasons:

  • This logo is easy to draw, easy to recognize, and friendly for those that might stumble across it on a business card, hat, or t-shirt.
  • This logo has some great symmetry to it that makes it pleasing to the eye with a great color scheme while also including some subtle imagery such as a cross and a path in the negative space between the letters.
  • This logo communicates openness and community with its symmetry and use of negative space, while also clearly communicating core values in the themes of the cross.

10. First Baptist Church of Midwest City

first baptist church of midwest city logo
First Baptist Church of Midwest City's logo (source).

The logo for First Baptist Church of Midwest City has a great logo design for a couple reasons:

  • It is entirely unique because it is created out of the building itself, using its own unique landmark as branding for the church.
  • It uses a unique feature of the building itself to connect the dots between the logo and the particular structure that people have likely seen while driving around the city, a great use of taking advantage of your own unique setting and location.
  • It doesn’t communicate any core values necessarily, but it communicates its location, physical presence, and recognition in the city of the people it is trying to reach incredibly well.

Expert Church Logo Design Tips

Here are a few critical tips to consider when working on your own church logo design.

  1. Consider what values or beliefs you want to clearly communicate with your new logo.
  2. Take advantage of what makes your church unique or sets you apart from other churches.
  3. Determine what symbols or icons you want to include (or exclude) in your logo.
  4. Have variations for different media (social media circle icons, church website banner logos, etc.).
  5. Keep it consistent with your brand colors on printed and digital media.
  6. Don’t be afraid to go back to the drawing board if you aren’t thrilled with your logo at any point.
  7. Research what other churches have great logos (you can find more examples of church logos to draw inspiration from).
  8. Typography can be a logo just as much as an image (i.e. don’t feel like you have to have an image if you can create a visually compelling logo with good typography).
  9. Fonts are just as important as the rest of the logo itself, so choose wisely and research other organizations that have used a similar font (you don’t want to be associated with something silly because of a poor font choice).

What's Next?

Whether you are a Catholic Church or a First Baptist Church, you can have a unique church logo that meets your brand and marketing strategies. To stay up to date on all things church management related subscribe to our newsletter and get tips, tricks, and strategies right in your inbox!

Dylan Miller
By Dylan Miller

Dylan Scott Miller grew up in Southern Indiana surrounded by family who faithfully followed Jesus to the best of their abilities. But it wasn’t until high school that Dylan decided to “All In” and then began studying and preparing for youth ministry. Dylan graduated with a Bachelor’s in Youth Ministry and minored in Biblical Languages, and has served in both paid and volunteer roles for organizations like Youth Ministry Booster, National Network of Youth Ministries, and even as a Student Ministries Pastor for 4 years in a local church in Columbus, Ohio.