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One of the keys to a successful worship service is keeping your members interested, considering how easy it is for people to become distracted. According to a study by Microsoft, people lose concentration after 8 seconds of focus, so you need to make your worship services as engaging as humanly possible to keep people tuned in. 

Using visual presentations can make your services more interesting so you’ll need some sort of worship presentation software to put these together. This article will tell you about the best worship presentation software to help you make your worship services stand out. 

Tool Shortlist

Here’s the list of the best worship presentation software for Mac that I’ll cover in this article.

  1. ProPresenter 
  2. MediaShout
  3. Faithlife Proclaim 
  4. Worship Tools 
  5. Praisenter 
  6. Quelea 
  7. OpenLP 
  9. Presentation Manager
  10. Shift Worship 

Comparison Criteria

What do I look for when I select the best worship presentation systems for Mac? Here’s a summary of my evaluation criteria: 

  1. User Interface (UI): Worship leaders need to care for many things during services, so I look for software with easy-to-find features.
  2. Usability: Any sort of church presentation software should be easy to use and master so church employees and volunteers can master it quickly. 
  3. Integrations: Managing worship services involve using several tools, so I look for software that will work with the other tools I use. 
  4. Value for $: Churches have a limited source of funds, so I look for inexpensive software packed with many features. 

Worship Presentation Software Key Features

  1. Presentation Editor: Allows users to create, edit, and format presentations without using a different tool. 
  2. Remote Control App: Allows worship leaders to control the projector using their mobile phones remotely.
  3. Media Library: A collection of media files to make presentations more interesting. 
  4. Bible Text Integration: Allows worship leaders to pull relevant text from a database to cut down on personal research time.
  5. Multilingual options: Present in a number of languages with menus and spell check (etc.) that supports this.
  6. Multi-Screen: Enables users to display multiple presentations on different screens.

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Overviews Of The 10 Best Worship Presentation Software For Mac

Here’s a brief description of each worship presentation app for Mac to showcase each tool’s best use case, some noteworthy features, and screenshots to give a snapshot of the user interface. 

1. ProPresenter – Worship presentation with multi-screen feature great for large churches

propresenter worship presentation software for mac screenshot
ProPresenter lets you build out your song and worship slides to move with the music. 

ProPresenter is a live production and presentation software for displaying lyrics, Bible verses, videos, slides, and images. It has a video engine that enables you to import, edit, and play videos to make worship services more visually dynamic. ProPresenter is a cross-platform software that works on Mac and Windows devices. It also has an edge-blending functionality enabling you to project onto a large display of multiple screens. 

PropPresenter is the best worship presentation software for large churches who use multiple screens during worship services. Their built-in multi-screen set-up and projection functionality works well for large wall displays with unique configurations. ProPresenter can help you save money because there’s no need to buy separate image-splitting software or hardware. It also has a linked text box feature allowing you to display the same lyrics or texts while using different image backgrounds. 

ProPresenter is a free worship presentation solution with paid versions that start at $399/year. 

2. MediaShout – Presentation software with built-in sermon builder for step-by-step set-up helpful to non-technical pastors

mediashout worship presentation software for mac screenshot
MediaShout has a built-in sermon builder that offers pre-built templates for creating and organizing interactive sermons.

MediaShout is a worship presentation software for creating, editing, and displaying presentations during worship services. MediaShout has a background image editor for applying effects on images to make them more visually interesting and to help the text stand out over them—try: blur, brightness, contrast, or grayscale. MediaShout also lets you add comments if you have special instructions for your operator. 

MediaShout is an excellent worship presentation software for you if you want to easily craft sermons because it has a built-in sermon builder. The sermon builder is like a set-up wizard that you might see in other software. It walks you through the step-by-step process of creating your presentation elements, like titles, bible verses, and lyrics. It can pull Bible verse text from its database using just the scripture tag (ie: John 3:16) so you don’t have to type it all out or worry about copy-pasting. Then, it offers background templates to choose from that pull it all together.

All of this makes MediaShout a great option for tech newbies.

MediaShout pricing starts at $199/year/1 computer, and they offer a 30-day free trial.

3. Faithlife Proclaim – Worship presentation software for Mac with tons of preloaded media

faithlife proclaim worship presentation software for mac screenshot
Faithlife Proclaim comes pre-loaded with media files, including images, videos, and audios, to help you save time searching the internet for media files to include in presentations. 

Faithlife Proclaim is a worship presentation platform that supports unlimited installs and accounts, so any member of your media or worship team can use it. Because it is cloud-based, members in different locations can work on the same presentation simultaneously. Faithlife Proclaim lets you reformat a slideshow or presentation, ensuring that it is ready to upload to your website or social media account after in-person services.

Faithlife Proclaim is the best worship presentation software if you want access to more than 1,000 media files. You can save time because there’s no need to scour the internet for images or videos while creating presentations. The software also automatically reformats your texts like song lyrics and Bible verses to fit the background, ensuring that church members can read them properly. If you need more media options, you can get the Pro plan with an asset library of over 15,000 files. 

Faithlife Proclaim pricing starts at $224.99/year/account. They offer a 30-day free trial.

4. Worship Tools – Worship software for Mac with a chord sheet and lyrics app for musicians

worship tools worship presentation software for mac screenshot
Worship Tools comes with cloud syncing, so you can upload and download presentations anywhere.

Worship Tools is a worship presentation software that works on both Windows and Mac devices. This worship projection software comes with CCLI SongSelect, allowing worship leaders to import songs for playback during live streaming or in-person services. It comes with a cloud sync service to access presentations and multimedia files anywhere you need to conduct a service. 

Worship leaders know that songs make worship services livelier, and Worship Tools comes with an integrated music stand that displays a chord sheet and lyrics app for musicians and/or for the congregation to sing along. Music Stand has a mobile app available to Android and iOS users so church members can follow the lyrics using their mobile devices. 

Worship Tools is a free church presentation software with limited features, while the pricing for the paid versions starts at $15/month/unlimited users.

5. Praisenter – Mac worship presentation software with tools for creating and editing original songs

praisenter worship presentation software for mac screenshot
Praisenter lets you edit songs to make them suitable for your presentation.

Praisenter is a free church worship software package for creating presentations with Bible verses, songs, audio clips, images, and videos. You can use it to install Bible translations from the Unbound Bible to minister to church members who are not English speakers. It also has a Bible search feature to help you find Bible verses quickly and integrate them into your presentation.  

Praisenter is the best church presentation software if you like using original songs during worship services because it lets you compose and edit songs for your congregation. You can also use Praisenter to search for existing songs and edit them to make them unique for your worship service.

Praisenter is a free church service worship package.

6. Quelea – Worship presentation software for Mac with a wide variety of Bible text versions

quelea worship presentation software for mac screenshot
Quelea gives you access to different Bible versions in different languages enabling you to serve members who are not English speakers.

Quelea is a free and open-source worship presentation software so you can tweak its features to suit the needs of your church with a bit of IT knowledge. It lets you import songs and lyrics from multiple online sources, including OpenLP and OpenSong. It has a remote control app that lets you control your presentation using your mobile device. 

Quelea supports the Zefania XML bible format, so you can easily download and use the language and translation of your choice. Quelea also gives you access to a comprehensive library of Bible editions to choose from. The default is the American Standard Version but you can easily switch to another option in the menu. 

Quelea's user interface is available in English, German, Spanish, Swedish, Czech, Hungarian, Norwegian, Dutch, Lithuanian and Portuguese.

Quelea is a free worship presentation software.

7. OpenLP – Free open source worship presentation software for Mac, Windows, and Linux

openlp worship presentation software for mac screenshot
OpenLP has a remote control app enabling you to control your presentation using your mobile phone or web browser.

OpenLP is a worship presentation software for displaying songs, presentations, Bible verses, images, and texts. You can use it to import songs to your playlist from other presentation tools. It works with other presentation tools like LibreOffice Impress and PowerPoint, so you can create presentations from other programs and project them using OpenLP. 

OpenLP has free downloadable source code for developers so if you have an IT tech on your staff or volunteer team they can customize the software to suit unique needs. They have an in depth manual, community forums, wiki, and IRC Channel chat for self-help resources. 

OpenLP is a free and open source worship presentation software.

8. KAMWISE – Online presentation software that can be customized to your church with fully branded TV Style graphics

kamwise worship presentation software for mac screenshot
KAMWISE lets you display yourself beside your presentation so your audience can view your presentation without taking their eyes off you.

KAMWISE is an online presentation software you can use for in-person services and live streaming on your church website. It’s not tailor-made for churches but their white label service means you can brand it to fit your church colors, imagery, and voice. So why did I include KAMWISE on the list if it's not church-specific? Because it’s great for live streaming capabilities that some of the other worship tools just don’t have.

KAMWISE lets pastors share a video of themselves live beside their worship presentation. This is vital for remote services where a stage is not present for the viewer. You can also embed interactive content for at-home viewers, like polls, surveys, Q&As, icebreaker games, and counters. Some churches might decide to amplify their service capabilities with a free church worship presentation software + KAMWISE for live events. 

KAMWISE integrates with other productivity tools, including Skype, Zoom, and TeamViewer. 

KAMWISE pricing starts at $9.95/month/ user and they offer a 30-day free trial.

9. Presentation Manager – Worship presentation software for Mac that supports multiple screen displays

presentation manager worship presentation software for mac screenshot
Presentation Manager lets you display different presentations on two or three monitors, making topic transitions (ie. sermon to song) easier.

Presentation Manager is a feature-rich worship presentation software for creating and displaying worship projections. It has an easy-to-use layout mixer so you can customize images, songs, transitions, timers, and cues on presentations. You can use it to create sermon notes you can view on your screen to assist you during worship services.  

Presentation Manager was first released in 1998 so they are a legacy software in this space and have the experience to provide what pastors need. It includes a song database and popular Bible editions, text overlay over live video and movies, DVD playback functionality, dual preview mode, picture-in-picture, and looping announcement slides.

Presentation Manager pricing starts at $250/year/license, and they offer a free demo.

10. Shift Worship – Worship presentation tool pre-loaded with mini-movies and church videos for different occasions

shift worship worship presentation software for mac screenshot
Shift Worship updates its media collection with new videos you can use for the current season, like Easter or Christmas.

Shift Worship is a worship presentation software that gives you access to an extensive library of images, audio, and videos for your services. You can use Shift Worship to boost your presence on social media because you can upload the video clips and images you create in Shift Worship directly to your social accounts. Shift Worship lets you play video files, so there’s no need to install a separate video player like VLC.

Shift Worship’s key features include motion backgrounds, still backgrounds, worship start countdowns, church videos, and mini-movies, triple-wide media projection, social media integration, editable PSE, and AE files, editable sermon title screens, transparent text layers, and updated-weekly media asset collections. 

Shift Worship pricing starts at $149/year/license.

Other Options

These aren’t worship software per se but they certainly can be used for church presentations and services. 

  1. Apple Keynote - A presentation software for creating and projecting slideshows. 
  2. Google Slides - A free presentation program for creating, formatting, and presenting using your web browser. 

If you have a church leadership team with mixed devices (Apple and Android), you might also want to check out our list of the 10 top church presentation software for all devices.

What Do You Think About This List?

Presentations make worship services more interesting and interactive. They can also help worship leaders make sermons easier to understand. With the help of worship presentation software, worship leaders can easily create fantastic presentations to spend more time attending to other responsibilities. 

If you are still counting on old-school technology to create and project presentations, now is the time to use the worship presentation software listed above. There are tons of other amazing tools to make managing your church easier, and you can find out about them by subscribing to The Lead Pastor.

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