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These church leadership communities are a great way to network with other leaders, find a mentor, and learn from other pastors who understand the challenges of day-to-day ministry. Whether you’re looking to connect and be encouraged by peers, stay ahead of the curve, or pick up new strategies and tactics, you’ll find something useful in this list of church leadership communities to join.

Best Church Leadership Communities 2024 Shortlist

Here's my shortlist of the best church leadership communities worth joining in 2024:

  1. Life.Church Open Network — For pastoral skills enhancement
  2. Exponential — For church growth and planting
  3. Global Leadership Network — For Christian leadership skills cultivation
  4. Christian Leaders Institute — For Christian leadership empowerment
  5. Effective Church Leadership Community — For church planting workshops
  6. Acts 29 — For church planting training and support
  7. TheosU — For ongoing theological education
  8. Network 220 — For Christ-centered biblical counseling 

Find more details about each community below.

The 8 Best Church Leadership Communities

Whether you're a pastor, a church planter, or somewhere in between, you'll find a church leadership community below that caters to your needs. 

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1. Life.Church Open Network — For pastoral skills enhancement

Life.Church Open Network, a church leadership community
Life.Church Open Network (Source)

Life.Church Open Network offers an extensive library of free resources and training programs designed for ministry skills enhancement and congregations engagement more effectively.

  • Audience: Church leaders and pastors
  • Membership Cost: Free
  • Platform: Church Online Platform

Why Join:

Life.Church Open Network provides unparalleled access to a wealth of resources that support ministry efforts. It stands out by offering gratis contents, including sermon packs, music, kids' programs, and leadership training materials, which is particularly beneficial in the church management industry. Joining this community can lead to enhanced service delivery, increased congregation engagement, access to a group of like-minded leaders facing similar challenges.

2. Exponential — For church growth and planting

Exponential community for church leadership
Exponential community (Source)

Exponential focuses on providing resources, conferences, and content for church growth and innovation in ministry practices. It acts as a catalyst for those looking to expand their reach and impact through effective church multiplication.

  • Audience: Church planters, church leaders focused on growth
  • Membership Cost: Varies by program and event; free courses
  • Platform: Online and in-person events

Why Join:

Exponential is uniquely positioned to equip church planters with the tools and knowledge needed for successful church growth. This community offers a blend of practical workshops and inspirational conferences that are pivotal in today’s fast-paced church growth environment. Members benefit from access to pioneering strategies and a supportive group of growth-focused leaders.

3. Global Leadership Network — For Christian leadership skills cultivation

Global Leadership Network, a church leadership community
Global Leadership Network (Source)

Global Leadership Network specializes in cultivating leadership skills with a Christian foundation, aiming to impact various sectors including church management, business, and nonprofits. It provides a global platform that connects leaders through high-quality conferences and digital resources.

  • Audience: Christian leaders across various sectors
  • Membership Cost: $349
  • Platform: Online and live events

Why Join:

Global Leadership Network is essential for those seeking to enhance their leadership capabilities within a Christian framework. It offers an integrative approach to leadership that combines spiritual wisdom with practical leadership skills, making it ideal for leaders who aim to make a positive impact both in their churches, your congregation, and broader community spheres.

4. Christian Leaders Institute — For Christian leadership empowerment

Christian Leaders Institute overview page
Christian Leaders Institute (Source)

Christian Leaders Institute delivers accredited online courses focused on ministry and leadership training, making theological education accessible to all. It offers a range of programs from certificate to degree level, tailored to empower global Christian leadership teams.

  • Audience: Aspiring ministers and church leaders
  • Membership Cost:
    • Admissions Fee - $125
    • Associate Degree - $1,500
    • Bachelor Degree - $1,500
    • The rest are free: Student account, enroll & complete 200+ online courses, lifetime access to educational courses, global listing on CLI directory
  • Platform: Online and in-person training

Why Join:

Christian Leaders Institute is ideal for individuals who require flexible learning schedules and seek comprehensive theological and leadership education. This platform provides an accessible way to receive accredited education, crucial for credibility and deeper understanding of ministry roles, enhancing both personal growth and professional opportunities in church leadership.

5. Effective Church Leadership Community — For church planting workshops

Effective Church Leadership Community overview page
Effective Church Leadership Community (Source)

Effective Church Leadership Community provides targeted resources and training for group leaders involved in or interested in church planting, evangelism, and effective church leadership. It aims to support the development of thriving church communities through specialized workshops, mentorship, and outreach.

  • Audience: Church planters, pastors, ministry leaders
  • Membership Cost:
    • Effective Church Leadership Community - $9.99/month
    • Church Treasurer Mastery Group - $99.99/month
    • Church Governance Mastery Coaching Group - $99.99/month
    • Free access to webinar training events on subjects pertaining to governance, finance, budgeting and more.
  • Platform: Online

Why Join:

Effective Church Leadership Community is dedicated to the formation and support of new church initiatives and leadership development, providing essential training and resources for successful ministry development. Its focused approach is especially beneficial in today's context where new local church development requires innovative strategies and strong leadership skills to navigate the challenges of establishing vibrant communities.

6. Acts 29 — For church planting training and support

Acts 29 membership application page
Acts 29 Community (Source)

Acts 29 is a diverse, global network committed to church planting, discipleship, and pastoral leadership training aimed at pioneering new Christian church communities. It stands out for emphasizing robust theological training worldwide alongside practical mission strategies.

  • Audience: Church planters, mission-oriented pastors
  • Membership Cost: Membership fees for certain resources, varies from network to network
  • Platform: Online, and regional conferences and trainings

Why Join:

Acts 29 provides a robust platform for members looking to establish new congregations with a focus on missional church growth. This community is instrumental for those looking to start new churches or revitalizing existing ones, providing insights into both theological foundations and practical applications needed for effective ministry in various cultural contexts.

7. TheosU — For ongoing theological education

TheosU community
TheosU community (Source)

TheosU stands out for its in-depth educational offerings that go beyond typical leadership training, providing ongoing education both in ministry and academia that helps new leaders keep pace with theological advancements and practical ministry applications.

  • Audience: Church leaders, theological students, and educators
  • Membership Cost:
    • Core Annual - $15.99 (billed monthly), $159.99 (billed annually)
    • Clubhouse Annual - $45.00 (billed monthly), $444.00 (billed annually)
    • Unlimited Streaming Classes - $13.33
    • Church Plans - pricing upon request
    • 7-day free trial
  • Platform: Online

Why Join:

TheosU is valuable for those seeking in-depth theological understanding coupled with practical leadership training for effectiveness in ministry roles. The platform's continuous education model helps church members and new leaders stay updated with the latest in scholarly research and practical applications, essential for leading the next generation effectively in the rapidly changing religious landscape.

8. Network 220 — For Christ-centered Biblical counseling

Network 220 church leadership community
Network 220 (Source)

Network 220 specializes in bible counseling and leadership support, offering conferences, workshops, and other resources for those looking to integrate counseling practices into ministry. It provides a framework for delivering effective pastoral care that addresses both spiritual and emotional well-being.

  • Audience: Church leaders, counselors, lay counselors
  • Membership Cost:
    • Free fees for courses
    • Member application starts at $100.00
  • Platform: Online and workshops

Why Join:
Network 220 is invaluable for those looking to enhance their pastoral care capabilities through professional counseling education. This community, guided by the Holy Spirit, provides the tools and training necessary to address the complex counseling needs within church settings, ensuring leaders are well-prepared to support their congregations effectively.

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